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Car Insurance is a basic requirement when you own a car, and most of the car owners find it difficult to choose the right car insurance policy, and few people face difficulties during the car insurance process as it is not an easy process. Hence, Compare SuperMarket is here to help you in choosing the best car insurance policy for your car which is reliable, easy, quick when it comes to process & service. At Compare Super Market we provide easy & effective solutions for your car insurance requirements. Comparesupermarket provides both new & renewal car insurance policies.

What’s more special about Compare Super Market is that any user or customer will have the choice to compare the car insurances from various companies as per their priority & requirement, hence by comparing the car insurances the customer will have a clear picture of the offerings from various companies, hence it will be easy for the car owner to choose the best car insurance policy. provides three types of car insurances, which are:
  1. Third-party Insurance:¬†Third-party insurance is the minimum requirement by law if you own a car & want to drive on the UK’s roads, this policy can be claimed only if the damage or fault is caused by the covered driver, this policy costs very less compared to other policies as it covers only limited terms.
  2. Third-Party Fire & Theft Insurance: This insurance is an advanced version of third party insurance which works on the same lines as offered by third party insurance, but it can be claimed if your own car is damaged by fire or stolen.
  3. Fully Comprehensive: If you are looking for the best car insurance policy that covers all types of damage, then the Fully comprehensive policy is the one you need to purchase. The Fully comprehensive policy covers the damage caused to others for various causes including theft, accident, and fire.

What is not covered under Car insurance?

  1. Illegal Driving: If you drive a car after consuming alcohol, or if you are driving a car without proper documents like driving-license, then the car insurance cannot be claimed.
  2. Non-Accidental Damage:¬†Car breakdowns, failures & deductibles are not covered under car insurance. Also, consequential damages like ‘hitting a tree’ are not covered.
  3. Tires, Tubes & Engine: Damage to Engine, Tubes & Tires cannot be covered unless they are damaged in an accident.
Now get instant Compare the supermarket car insurance simply by clicking a button, we hate paperwork as you do. Whatever it is whether purchase, renewal or support, our team is always there for you to help.
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