Bio-tiful Baked Kefir 500ml

Bio-tiful Baked Kefir 500ml

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"This delicious, award-winning Baked Milk Kefir (Riazhenka) is an organic cultured milk drink made with the highest quality organic British milk and authentic live riazhenka cultures. Smooth and creamy, Baked Milk Kefir is naturally high in protein and calcium, and packed with essential vitamins (including B12 and B2) and billions of gut-friendly bacteria. Free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, it is gluten free, naturally low in lactose and has absolutely no added sugar. This Baked Milk Kefir is the tastiest way to help your digestion, support your immune system, manage your weight and feel full of energy. Enjoy the mellow, naturally sweeter taste and luxurious texture. Nutritious and light, Baked Milk Kefir is a perfect breakfast ingredient, a super-healthy snack or a tasty, guilt-free dessert. It can be enjoyed as a drink or poured over fruit and cereal. "

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