Cumberland Style Bratwurst

Cumberland Style Bratwurst

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An homage to the traditional Cumberland sausage. This Cumberland-Style Bratwurst is a German take on the British breakfast sausage classic. The ingredients of this Cumberland Style Bratwurst are inspired by the classic breakfast sausage from Cumbria. Richly spiced with a hot mustard kick. Weighing in at 110g per sausage, at 18cm each, we think these Brats make excellent eating in the morning. The Cumberland Style Bratwurst is currently a limited edition with The Sausage Man. We have a very limited number in stock and can’t guarantee they’ll be back. We love these tasty German breakfast sausages and hope you do to. Please be sure to review the Cumberland Style Bratwurst after you try them. Let us know what you think, as we will only be able to order more if there’s enough demand.

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