REINER SCT Authenthicator TAN generator


REINER SCT Authenthicator TAN generator

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THE REINER SCT Authenticator generates security codes. This unique hardware protects your online access with another safety factor. Don't worry about any more insecure passwords!Unfortunately, an e-mail account has quickly been hijacked by hackers. But this usually means that attackers can use the "Forgot password" function to take over all of your associated online accesses. Attackers may then purchase with your identity, steal sensitive data, or upload compromised content to the Web. Often, you will not recognize the damage until your bank account is empty or you are no longer able to log in.Almost all leading online platforms therefore support the two-factor authentication (2FA) using TOTP security code. Logins are then only possible with another security code. The REINER SCT Authenticator provides you with the security code. Protect your online access like amazon, PayPal, Google, facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, GMX,, 1&1 and many others with THE REINER SCT Authenticator!The REINER SCT Authenticator function is almost identical to the Google Authenticator app. However, the big difference is that the device cannot be attacked over the Internet and the electronic keys are stored in its own hardware. So the loss or change of the smartphone is no longer a problem.Ā· more secure than any Authenticator appĀ· regardless of loss or Changing the smartphoneĀ· immediately with almost all leading online platforms Can be usedĀ· ideal for office and at homeĀ· Access protection through PinĀ· Effective protection against identity theftThis text is machine translated.

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